The Impact Of Technology On Student Achievement Essay

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Have you ever wondered what affects on the integration of technology in school systems and how many schools do not have the technology to start integrating? Some schools have a theoretical perspective in the learning environment until the reconstructuring of the learning environment to compete with the integration of technology.Offering the reconstructure of learning environments includes the ability to improve student achievement in schools to make it an authentic student achievement.Authentic student achievement is measured by the relationship between classroom organization and schools to change student achievement.(Louis 430)
With organization of classrooms and schools end up centering the classroom experience to only improve student achievement while focusing on the integration of technology.As a bonus to the centering of the classrooms and schools it brings in room for the schoolwide professional community to help organize school structure and intellecually direct culture in schools.Questions some might ask about how it the professional community affects school and technology integration: “To what extent does professional community influence the social and technical organization of schools?”, And “What is the relative effect of school professional community and classroom social and technical organization in schools.(435)
These are just some of the questions that some have about the professional community and how it works after all the importance of statistical control…

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