The Importance Of An Integrated Classroom

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An integrated curriculum has an element of linking students’ interests to lessons or tasks. This is important not only for creating real life situations, but to also motivate all students within your classroom to engage and actively participate. Linking their interests and hobbies with lessons creates a greater opportunity for students to be an active participant in their own learning and encourages curiosity, which can develop intrinsic motivation. Matt DeLong and Dale Winter (2002) referred to intrinsic motivation as a student’s ability to create a fascination with the subject at hand, understand or sense the relation to real life and a sense of achievement or accomplishment when understanding or mastering the subject. Having students become …show more content…
Vygotsky (1987) believed that social interaction is the fundamental component in cognitive development and that a child’s community plays a central role in their process of understanding meaning. Community refers to all the people involved in an individual child’s life, for example; parents, siblings and neighbours. Parents are a key focus when it comes to involving the community of a child into their school and learning environment. Creating a strong, respectful and active relationship with parents can benefit everyone involved. The American Federation of Teachers (2007) stated that students whose parents have a positive teacher-parent relationship could help raise their academic achievement, increase motivation and increase attendance regularity and develop a more positive attitude for schoolwork. Teachers benefit by learning more about the individual students’ needs and home life, which leads to a greater understanding of what is needed to support and improve their learning. By building a strong relationship, a teacher needs to create an open communication with the child’s parents. Some examples of communicating are; parent newsletters, curriculum nights, Website or blog for the class or school, workshops for parents, phone calls and email …show more content…
Gathering feedback from students and peers is a simple and quick strategy to reflect and re-assess, if necessary, your teaching style and approach. It’s important to be a reflective practitioner throughout your entire teaching career. Hayes Mizell (2010) states that educators who do not experience or participate in effective personal development do not improve their skills, causing student learning to suffer. It’s important that you continue to expand your knowledge and skills to become a more experienced and rounded teacher. There are many ways of immersing yourself into personal development and some of these include; individual research or study, observing other teachers, team meetings, online courses, workshops and school meetings. Hayes Mizell (2010 stated that professional development must be thoughtful planning followed by implementation with feedback, ensuring it has the desired effect, responding to educators’ learning needs.
It is always important to trial your teaching style, strategies and behavior management to see what best works for your class. As a teacher you must be flexible, patient and understanding. The goal as a teacher is to mold students into well-rounded, curious, high thinking and confident children who achieve to the best of their

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