The Impact Of Technology On Classrooms Over The Past Few Years

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The use of technology has increased in classrooms over the past few years. Children used to have excitement on the days where they were going to go to the computer lab in elementary schools but now there is such a demand for the use of technology in all classrooms that most are equipped with smart boards and other technological devices. The schools that are lacking funds have class sets of laptops available for use when needed that are shared through out all the teachers. If there is not a need for technology within classrooms then the addition of technology would not be expanding. Technology makes grading and assigning homework easier on the instructor and also, allows the student to be engaged in different ways without have to speak publically.
There is also a need for cell phones in classrooms. A few examples of cell phones being used in class is that there are apps where students can take quizzes and give quick survey style results to the teacher. Another example of how cell phones can be needed in the classroom is if the student needs to use the calculator or dictionary during class time. The most common way for cell phones to be used in college setting is to be able to contact your professor at any time of the day although, this may lead to a lack of professionalism on the students end because they are using CMC while they are texting or writing their professors an email.
Finally, there is a pre-established connotation to technology that parents have unknowingly…

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