Integrating Technology In The Classroom

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Technology in high school has both improved and worsened students’ academic abilities. With students focusing on what is happening on their devices, they may have difficulty focusing on the teacher and what he/she is teaching about. On the other hand, technology in the classroom may greatly improve how the students learn. Students can take advantage of technology in many ways including accessing social media when they should not be, accessing inappropriate content, and cyberbullying; however, they may use this technology to better their learning experiences, communicate with their parents, or technology may even benefit students in their lives after high school. Technology in the classroom is thought of as a common asset to high school life. …show more content…
Some of these disadvantages include the following: “Access to inappropriate content, a disconnected youth, the cyberbullying trap, inevitable cheating, and a major distraction” (“10 Advantages” 2). A major concern with integrating technology into high school classroom is the access to inappropriate content. Students with technology at their fingertips may be able to access violent, pornographic, and/or other inappropriate materials. Secondly, technology seems to be addicting to teenagers. With this addiction to social media and teenagers being glued to the screens of their devices, it is difficult for students to associate with one another face to face. This addiction to technology may also cause social anxiety. Another disadvantage of technology in the classroom is the cyberbullying trap. Cyberbullying may come about in the classroom by “giving students access to anonymous accounts and endless contact avenues” (2). With the freedom of technology, there would be no way to monitor what the students are doing or punish the students doing the bullying. Fourth, technology may seem like a wonderful way to retrieve information, but it can become a problem while students are taking tests. Rather than figuring out the problems given, students may just type them in and find the answers within seconds. Last, technology is a major distraction to students. When students are allowed to …show more content…
Technology can be looked at positively because it helps students learn in different ways, research things at any moment, and will benefit students in the future by associating themselves with it. On the other hand, technology can be manipulated in negative ways. Students may find themselves distracted by what is happening on their computer screens rather than what the teacher is teaching. Technology in the classroom may also open up many new windows for students to cyberbully or watch inappropriate things. I believe that technology, with moderation, should be integrated into high school classrooms everywhere. Students with computers have a much easier time getting assignments done on time, researching the answers to their questions, and establishing to ways to study from the Internet. However, I believe that blocking social media sites is a necessity. Schools that block social media sites from their Wireless Internet find that the students are able to pay attention to the teacher

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