The Impact Of Social Media On Consumer Behavior And Marketing

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What is the impact of social media on consumer behavior and marketing? How are companies monetizing this technology?
Social media has seen a huge growth over the last ten years. People from all ages and backgrounds use social media in their everyday life. According to Pew Research Center as of 2014 74% of all Internet user have some type of social media account. As social networks begin to become more popular amongst all Internet users, the functionalities for social media have increased. Originally users were attracted to social media because it allowed for them to stay in contact with family and friends, while meeting new people from all over the world. However, social media is now being used as a way to promote small business, music, share ideas, network, maintain virtual people/teams, and shop for new trends.
The Pinterest: Social Media Success case says “with the growing overlap between ecommerce and social networking, social networks had become a popular place for retailers and consumers to communicate, discover and curate, thus making the shopping experience more vivid.” This speaks to the idea that social media has expanded from just socializing amongst, users to a whole new world of advanced online shopping. Pinterest allows for users to click directly on a picture that they like and be redirected to the website of the business where the customer can purchase it. Furthermore, on Instagram the user can follow small boutiques and be exposed to a whole new platform…

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