Social Media Change In Advertising

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In marketing, advertising is very crucial when launching a product because it not only promotes it but also aides in spreading the word about the product. In specific terms, it calls the attention of the public through paid announcements (publication or broadcasts) . How products are being advertised i is The changes in advertising are due to several influences; social media, change in consumer behaviour, and the intense competition between companies. Most likely these influences will continue to change the advertising industry for the next ten to twenty years.

As technology has advanced, so has advertising, which have used the advancements of social media to their advantage. Social media has changed drastically in just the past ten years,
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Look at Snapchat as an example. Snapping a picture and sharing it to your friends for up to 10 seconds is quickly becoming a new trend, and companies are noticing it’s popularity. Just like how advertising industries found ways to post ads all over facebook, companies are looking for ways to advertise through Snapchat. McDonalds and Taco Bell are some of the brands that have joined Snapchat. Snapchat is developing something called Snapchat Discovery that will show Snapchat users news, videos, and ads , which will open another channel of advertising. Since social media is always trying to create new ways to create closer interaction with the public, it would be interesting to see in ten or twenty years from now that social media isn’t just websites and apps but interacting with people in virtual realities. Research is already in development, in March of 2014, Facebook became involved with …show more content…
As mentioned in the class textbook, more and more consumers have realized the impact of pollution is having on the environment and are demanding a change, which companies are responding too. Companies are creating more environmentally friendly products but some companies are thinking more outside the box than just environmentally friendly products. There is a company called Glowing Plant, which have done some research of bioluminescent plants. Their belief is that in time, knowing how to manipulate genes to have plants emit their own light could be very beneficial in the future. In ten or twenty years from now, those bioluminescent plants and trees could be used light up the streets and inside buildings . Having bioluminescent plants would be hugely beneficial to the environment because a) it would reduce the light pollution and b) the more bioluminescent plants and trees there are the more oxygen will be put into the atmosphere and there will be less carbon dioxide, which is playing a hand in global warming. Advertising industries could use these plants in their advertisements to spell out words or create pictures of brands or companies that the industry is

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