Why Do Companies Use Social Media Marketing?

Introduction Over the years, social media has become popular for users of many ages. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube are just a few of the networks that fall under the social media category. Social media is a web and mobile based technology platform to help people communicate with one another (Shrimp & Andrews, 2013, p. 378). Businesses can benefit from using social media because it allows instant communication between the business and other people.
Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is one way that businesses can interact quickly with their existing or potential consumers. Social media marketing is a form of Internet marketing that uses social media to get consumers informed. Social media marketing
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Social media makes this interactive process a lot quicker. Nissan, another motor company, used Facebook for their crowdsourcing efforts. In June of 2014, Nissan reached out to their supporters for advice. Project Titan was an attempt to get consumers involved in customizing the 2014 Nissan Titan truck. Nissan encouraged their fans to visit their Facebook page and vote on performance, utility, and other potential modifications for the new Nissan Titan truck (Nissan, 2014). Statistics show that roughly four in ten social media users appreciate when companies ask for their input in decisions (Hawkins & Mothersbaugh, 2013, p. 233). Not only did the company benefit by showing consumers that they care about consumer opinions, but they also benefited by learning what exactly consumers look for in a truck. With that information, Nissan could create a competitive truck that a majority of consumers would be interested in …show more content…
According to Sundberg, roughly 8 in 10 organizations use social media in their recruitment process (Sarabdeen, 2014, p. 114). Whether they used Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or another channel, organizations worldwide are taking advantage on the instant communication opportunity they have with many potential employees. Social media has given recruiters the chance to quickly reach out to candidates who were not even actively searching for a new career, which was very difficult to do in the past. Organization are no longer limited to campus recruitment, job boards, and print to fill open positions (Sarabdeen, 2014, p. 114). Facebook, for example, has created a “sponsored” section that appears on its users’ profiles. Many organizations take advantage of this section to show off open positions they have available. LinkedIn, for example, allows businesses to network with those who are seeking new employment opportunities on a professional level. Some recruiters have gone beyond Facebook and LinkedIn. A senior technical recruiter for STS Technical Services has found Google+ to be very helpful in the recruiting process by typing in key words he would like to see on a résumé (Sarabdeen, 2014, p. 115). He can then filter and locate potentially qualified candidates and connect with them quickly. Since social media provides instant communication between recruiters and potential employees, businesses can

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