Marketing Strategy Of Social Media

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Register to read the introduction… Once a target market is identified it is then necessary to do market research to identify key factors of the market including competitors and demographic information. Planning an advertising campaign involves deciding on where to run your advertisements and how often to run them. The goal of the marketing campaign is to reach the largest audience possible (Cadotte, 2003). A marketing strategy must consider how many people are going to see the advertisement to determine if it is cost effective.

Selecting a marketing avenue that will reach your target market is important. A good example of this would be if a company is marketing fishing poles they would not want to advertise in Vogue magazine. Obviously the target market for fishing poles is probably not reading Vogue magazine. A better choice for this company would be Field and Stream magazine. Not all products are this easy to determine a marketing strategy
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There are several ways in which a company can successfully integrate social media into their marketing mix. It is necessary to ensure that you are providing enough information for consumers to be able to get the product they want. Carefully planning your social media ad is important (Jansen, 2011). The ad must provide sufficient information but should not contain too much information to overwhelm the consumer. Include social blog keys to your website and other advertisements so consumers can easily access information about your product on their preferred social media outlet (Jansen, 2011). If consumers see a traditional form of marketing that contains a social blog key they will most likely look that product up on that social blog to gain more information. Lastly, promote events via social media such as Facebook and Foursquare (Jansen, 2011). These events can offer coupons or special discounts or even promotions such as “mayor ships” on Foursquare. These promotional events are not only fun for the consumer but capture their attention which is a primary goal of any marketing …show more content…
Team B has selected three brands to market which are the Workhorse, the Mercedes, and the Traveler brands. The Workhorse segment is the most popular segment of computer and will be the highest marketed. The Mercedes is a high performance computer catering to the needs of executives and is high priced. The last segment is the Traveler segment which is a practical computer targeting consumers who travel frequently. Each of these segments targets a separate market of customers and the marketing campaigns will be unique to the applications and components offered for each

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