Harley Davidson Marketing Strategy

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Customer relationship management includes those strategies, practices and technologies which organizations utilizes to evaluate, analyze, manage and record customer’s synergy, data and interactions as a means to drive growth in sales and retention of customers by enriching and expanding relationships towards their customer bases. CRM systems are designed in order to assemble information about customers in different canyons as well as points of contact among the both parties (Customer and Company). The later one refers to organizations website, phone calls, live chats or messages, social media and marketing materials.

Harley-Davidson has successfully built long-term customer relationship. The key to this which has helped them in achieving their
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This aids in winning customers from competitors and then retaining and growing them. This strategy involves different elements such as: Market Segmentation, Market Targeting, Differentiation, and Positioning.
Marketing Segmentation is a process of breaking down market into specific groups of buyers and small market segments that have contrasting and disparate needs, characteristics and behaviors. After that, usually every specific group will require different product and separate marketing schemes. Whereas, Market Targeting is next step which involves evaluating and exploring each market segment’s attractiveness and suitability according to the company’s nature, then selecting one or more market segments as the target market of the company.
Positioning process requires forming a product that will occupy an idiosyncratic and desirable place analogous to rival products in the minds and hearts of target customers. This gives the company and its product a competitive edge over rival companies and products.
Differentiation is the beginning of effective positioning process. Its primary focus is on providing consumers with greater value by differentiating the company’s marketing schemes, offerings and
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The recognition of the need required to be fulfilled or problem required to be solved is the major focus of this stage. Basically, consumer is trying to find out a solution to solve a state of discomfort that could arise from various things. Building brand awareness is key factor of this stage.
Information Search is stage in which a customer gathers all the information available related to possible solutions. Customer will want to be accurate and efficient in his research to get as much knowledge as possible about the solutions price, easy to use and features etc. The source of the information can be Personal, Commercial, Public and Organizations.
Alternative Evaluation process consists of customer using the collected information to evaluate alternative brands in the choice set. Basically, matching the list of criteria that solution must met for customer. For a marketer, it’s very important to know his problems and needs.
Purchase Decision is obviously buying the most preferred brand after evaluating them. But two very important factors plays major role in purchase decision. They are attitude of others and unexpected situational

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