The Importance Of Social Media On Small Business

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This report contains information on which social media sites are most useful to small businesses. It will also cover the basics of how social media can best be used to help market and drive the business. A basic overview of the social media policy will be explained.
Value of Social Media Social media is not only a vital source for marketing a business, but also a valuable communication tool to keep in contact with customers. Small businesses usually have limited funding when it comes to promotion. Social media is a source that can help fill the gaps when it comes to budgets (Schaupp). It is also a great way to save time. Small businesses that are able to harness the power of social media see increased traffic, which leads to increased profits.
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In this case, the campus coffee shop wishes to reach a broader group of customers. Another goal would be to keep connected to current customers. As one uses social media they should feel comfortable communicating with existing customers and reaching out to potential new customers. This may mean posts about current coupons or offers, or a post about a new coffee or food being offered. We want to invite customers and make them feel welcome every time they come to the coffee shop. It is import to remember that social media is also way to receive feedback from customers. A business shouldn’t be afraid to receive feedback from …show more content…
The policy should help create an environment of trust and should be upbeat, as well as positive. Employees who are not familiar with social media will find a social media policy to be a valuable learning tool. This policy should also establish how the social media accounts should be run. It is important that there is always team that is in charge of running the social media accounts together (Clark). This will protect the business. If only one person knows the passwords for the accounts and they become frustrated or are let go it could have a negative impact on the business. Also, any member of the social media team should go through a training session before being allowed to post on the business’s accounts. This is another way to make sure that the social media team and owner are on the same page. Again this is something that could help protect the business in the

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