Color And Logos And Symbols Of Brands

The American marketing Association defines a brand as ‘’a name, term, sign, symbol, design or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of competitors.’’ (CAREY, 2006, p. 247)
The Brand is a symbol of the product that produced by a company and given a specific identity to the product that could be a name, logos, characters, symbols and etc. It helps to identify the product with the different other product in a market. Brand could be spoken and non-spoken for example, the name of the product can easily speak like Honda, Mustang but some of brand has their own logos which is cannot speak but we can identify easily with that logos like the
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It could be name word or symbol. Brand names can easily spoke. Most of the brand names are comes from their founder. Brand name should be easy because it helps customers to recognize and pronounce easily.
Color and Logos. Color and logos are graphic symbol that helps to identify the product. Color and logos are non-spoken symbol but the customers can identify the product through their color and product. For example, blue color is associated with Pepsi.
Shape; brands can be identify with their shape and it could be related with trademark. For example, shape of coca cola.
Sounds; sound also can use as a brand. Most of the phone companies has their own tune which helps to identify the product easily. For example, tune of apple, Samsung and etc.

In accounting brand is a most valuable intangible asset for the companies. Brand owner should manage their brands very carefully to improve the financial position in a market because strong financial position helps to find out may unique ways to manage brand valuation for invest the money through an
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It also set of labels which the companies wants to be connected. The brand can show the primary characters about the product towards the customers.
The companies should be able to create the benefits of the brands. Customers always looks for the benefits towards the product while they are purchasing. It helps to improve the long term relationship with the customer if the brand able to benefit to customer.

Every brands has their own values. While company builds the brands they have some specific values and norms. Brands should have values towards their customers because it helps to earn trust of the customers.
It means the set of customer’s characteristics with the brand. The companies should able to reflect the personality of customers with their products which helps to maintain the long lasting relationship with them.
Brands associations
Brand associations is anything that can make the imagination about the brand in the customer mind and they can remind easily.

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