Personal Brand Essay

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From Facebook profiles to your decision to buy a Starbucks coffee in the morning, everything that you do on a daily basis forms a part of your personal brand. On a small scale, branding works the same way for individuals as it does for corporations. As the leader of a corporation or a small business, your brand is what makes you money. Whether you want to reach out to potential patients or gain new customers, you have a chance to stand out with your brand.

Big Companies Already Know What to Do

On April 2, 1993, people were calling for the end of brands. Philip Morris dropped its price on a pack of cigarettes by 40 cents and the stock market value plummeted by $25 billion. Naysayers believed that this was a sign that brands were over.
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In the current marketplace, employees change jobs multiple times in their lives. You cannot just define yourself based on what you do. What accomplishments are you the most proud of? More importantly, what do you want to become famous for?

Create a Pitch that Sizzles

People do not just buy steak. They watch a commercial and become enamored by the sizzling sound, the meaty scent and the idea of the taste. Your skill sets are a part of the feature-benefit model of your personal brand. You have to consider what benefits you offer to a potential customer, employer or patient. If you are Virgin Airlines, your benefits would include low-cost fares and hip styles. You need to create the same unique style that lets you stand out.

Once you know what makes you different from everyone else, it is time to expand your profile. If you lack opportunities to do this in your current role, you can always try taking on a freelance project. Network with other people in your industry at conferences and your events. Learn a new skill, show off your abilities and meet new
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We are not talking about the power over countries or the financial market. When we think of personal power, we are talking about your power to influence the people around you. If you are a doctor, your power is found in the strength of your clientele and your success rates. If you are an academician, your power is found in the number of citations you get from other scholars.

Obtaining and wielding this power is your best way to grow your brand. By using your personal power, you create a halo effect where you emanate the qualities and ideas that your brand gives off. In the workplace, focus on building your power by volunteering for new projects, contributing to teams and networking with your colleagues.

Power is all about perception. If you want people to see you as an authoritative brand, you have to act like it. Today 's world is filled with project-based work that is perfect for building a brand. Each project has deliverables and measurable results that help you showcase your abilities and experience. Use these projects to advertise and showcase your brand 's

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