Essay about The Impact Of Smart Phones On Society

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The Impact of Smart Phones to Society

Have you ever looked around at society and realized just how much of an impact in our daily lives that a smart phone has? In 2015 the Nielsen group reported that ever four out of five phone purchase is a smart phone(www.govtech). Technology grows more with each passing day. Personal Computers range in sizes from desktops to smart phones. Among one of the smallest and newest personal computers is the smart phone which was created in 2007 ( A Smart phone is a device that allows you to use it as a cell phone and a personal computer in one. This new size of a person comport also connects you to the internet and to social media. The ability of being mobile has impacted the growth of technology at an enormous rate. Smart phones impact society by the means of the accessing internet, new technology, and interactive relationships.
Access Internet
Smart phones and the ability to access the internet has taken the world by storm. The smart phone has been able to keep society connected to goggle, internet, Facebook, tweeter. The researcher ComScore in June, report found that the majority of all internet traffic (60 percent) of the traffic were from a mobile device rather than a desktop, which for a long time in the technology world was the dominant online portal( The smart phone since it is mobile and access the internet allows multiple professions to be able to multitask and complete their jobs faster, accurate…

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