The Impact Of Physical Education On Elementary Schools Essays

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The Impact of Physical Education in Elementary Schools While Physical Education is required in most states and stricter guidelines and recommendations are being pushed to schools, what is actually occurring in those classes and the impact they are having on students is very concerning. Physical Education is defined very differently among schools and the daily priority it is given is declining. Implementing physical education in elementary schools that is actually beneficial is very important to the health and future of our children. We, as educators, should be concerned because I believe that the classroom dynamics will change if physical education is implemented in a successful way and enforced among schools. There are fundamentals that are taught in physical education classes that we, as teachers, do not teach. In addition, physical education gives the children a break from the classroom setting. It allows them to release energy and they can experience activities that incorporate teamwork and trials that they may not see or face in the classroom. Having physical education in schools is only going to help better children and their future. As educators, the children and their success are our number one priority. Among the five research studies I chose to analyze, I learned of many different types of physical education practices, the impact they were having on children’s daily activity, what proved to be beneficial and motivating to the students and their desire to…

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