The Impact Of International Tourism In New Zealand

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In New Zealand International tourism contributes $11.8 billion to the economy and is the second largest export under Dairy who contributes $14.2 billion. The tourism industry in New Zealand primarily employs over 295,908 people who all contribute customer service. In 2015 New Zealand received over 3 million visitors where only 3,900 of these visitors were asked questions related to their overall experience.

In June 2014, New Zealand 's customer service was rated a 8.9 out of 10 with 95% of people saying that their service expectations were met. In November 2015, the current state of New Zealand Tourism in terms of customer service expectations statistics are very positive. Travellers leave New Zealand with a 9.1 out of 10 satisfaction for
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If visitors score a 7 or 8 then they will be a bit passive and will be on the fence about their visitor experience and if the visitors scored 6 and under then they will be detracted and more than likely will not recommend New Zealand as a country to visit. Overall most visitors are more than likely to recommend New Zealand to others as a place to visit from looking at the current statistics. Recommendations from friends or family are the top drivers of influencing visitors to visit New …show more content…
Looking at these statistics it shows that foreign visitors still prefer to have face to face encounters to gain information but slowly people are finding new ways to find their information e.g. by using TripAdvisor. To keep the personal advise rating high, New Zealanders working within the travel industry need to perform a 10/10 customer service to gain more travellers who will want to come back and use their service again. In the future this could mean more business and room for expansion in some business 's as they would gain a reputation for exceptional 10/10

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