Swot Analysis Of Waitomo Adventure

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Strategy outline of Waitomo Adventure’s Survival Course
What’s being proposed?
I am proposing an idea called ‘Survival of the wilder worms’ held at Waitomo adventure’s ltd as I know they have a lot of bush land for this to be held there. I would like to propose to the owner of Waitomo Adventures this as it would benefit their company by having an extra activity for groups to take part in.
What you will learn is how to build a natural shelter, light lasting fires, build a search and rescue fire, tread water and learn how to survive underground in a cave, collect water and learn how to purify it, how to use a compass, find your way home in the wilderness and how to tie knots.
Waitomo Adventures are an adventure tourism facility providing
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Because there is no other survival course that goes underground into large caves in New Zealand.
This is a unique way to spice up the business of Waitomo Adventures because of the thrilling underground caves that are naturally formed and come with New Zealand’s own beautiful native glow worms to make the experience just that bit better the many acres of land to get lost in.
I believe this strategy would increase turnover and profit to the company as many tourists come to New Zealand purely for an adventure tourism experience and learning a 3 day survival lesson in the remote native bushland & underground caves will have people
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This will also target customers who love to get amongst and be one with nature.
Market research
The research I have found was my exact thoughts of how they would look on their websites, typical survival course businesses that are already running called Hillary outdoors, SOS, bush Craft, and Zombie survival all New Zealand wilderness courses. They all incorporate survival techniques and skills that you will find so helpful when in the bush, but what makes this Survival course unique is nobody in the world has a underground survival course that is specifically used to show people how to survive if ever in a cave.
Key information
1 in 2 tourists do some sort of Adventure Tourism activity whilst in New Zealand
1 in 3 tourists here on holiday do some what of extreme adventure tourism during their stay
Tourists that have done some sort of adventure tourism have spent 1.6 billion in New Zealand. This means that out of all tourists that come to New Zealand 60% of them are doing adventure tourism activities
The Netherlands and Germany are the two main tourists to come to New Zealand to do something

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