The Impact Of Common Core On Students, Parents, Teachers And Administrators

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The Impact of Common Core on Students, Parents, Teachers and Administrators
Tartiana Harrison
Northwestern State University

Common Core
In today’s educational system Americans should be able to master certain skills by the time they are finished their formal education. In 2001, a policy called No Child Left Behind was introduced by the Bush Administration. The policy promised to increase student achievement by encouraging states to set high standards and develop assessments based on those standards. Once in place the states were to test all students in certain subjects at particular grade levels to receive federal funding. To no avail this policy failed to deliver success and ultimately left the nation schools in a bureaucratic mess. (Farmer, 17)
The National Governors Association (help state governors get federal grants) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (provide leadership, advocacy, and technical assistance on major educational issues) started to work on a common set of curriculum standards in English language arts and mathematics. $250 million was provided to fund this project from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2008, the NGA and the CCSCO produced a document on the new standards and introduced it to the Obama Administration; two months after taking over office the secretary of education announced a federal education grant program known as Race To The Top. In order to qualify for the grants states had to adopt these new…

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