Essay on The Identification Of Healthcare Professionals

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Although healthcare organizations often indicate that it is a simple request to have healthcare professionals such as family physicians, midwives, obstetricians and nurses, work together, it cannot be assumed that these professionals have been prepared with the competencies (knowledge, skills and judgement) to collaborate and the necessary attributes to effectively work together (Pfaff, Baxter, Jack & Ploeg, 2014). The identification of healthcare providers who will work effectively in an interprofessional healthcare team prior to the team being assembled is an essential component towards the achievement of high-functioning teams in the future. From a health systems sustainability perspective, interprofessional teams working with low-risk obstetrical populations and other populations, may help to reduce delays and eliminate duplication thus, having a potential reduction in healthcare costs (Tomblin Murphy, Alder, Birch, Tomblin & Purkis, 2009; Tomblin Murphy, Alder, MacKenzie & Rigby, 2010). By having healthcare providers work in interprofessional teams there is an opportunity for enhanced breadth of knowledge and appreciation of skills above and beyond the roles of their individual silo professions (Tomblin Murphy et al., 2010). Although it may appear that interprofessional healthcare teams are an efficient and effective way of delivering healthcare to patients, interprofessional collaboration (IPC) is not an easy task. It requires ongoing monitoring and evaluation…

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