Essay on The Idea Of Literacy Sponsorship

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The idea of Literacy Sponsorship described by Brandt shows that we become literate from everyday activities from the people we meet, the places we go to everyday and the resources we have at our disposal. In my experience in reading and writing, there has been numerous Literacy Sponsors in their own form. While growing up, my parents acted as my first literacy sponsors and helped me through reading and writing then throughout school. In my Sophomore year of High School, my teacher introduced a new practice of reading by having us read the book, then showing us a scene from a video to witness both the words of the book and the visuals from the video. Moving through the years, every week my teacher would let us freewrite about anything, when we were finished he would read over it telling us what was wrong with it, from our grammar to the spelling. I also experienced a form of writing that was not expected from a class outside of English. In this class, we usually learn about JROTC subjects, but after learning about them, we would have to write a set length for our essay about what we had just learned. From this, I experienced more writing outside of English class and further helped improve my writing skills. Other than People and Institutions, a resource in the form of technology help form my experience in literacy from home. At Skyline High School, they have the Computer Academy, which helps students learn with a new and up to date resource that students before have not…

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