The I Am A Genius Essay

808 Words Jun 10th, 2015 4 Pages
I have learnt in more ways than one never to underestimate my young son after all he is always letting me know “mommy I am a genius”. He has proven this to me at a early age of three this was in Two Thousand and Five.
I had left for work as usual on this particular day said bye to my mom kiss D’Andre good bye be a good boy today don’t give grandma any headaches today I told him little did I know the day would turn into such drama. While at work I got a call from my mom she sounded awfully stressed almost in tears I asked her what is the problem she said Kim I can’t find Miss Valerie’s keys I know I put them on top of the refrigerator (Miss Valerie is my neighbor who lives across the street from us), she said I am positive about putting up there because I was hiding them from DD because he likes to play with them and I don’t want him to lose them. I said to her are you sure about putting them there she said positive you know how old people can sometimes be forgetful well this was not to be one of these instances. I then told my mother to ask Miss Valerie’s’ son Travis to help her locate the key and call me back about two hours later she called back I still haven’t found it, I said to her are you sure DD hasn’t taken it up she reiterated I am sure he cannot reach it where I put it after all how can such a small child know how to get on top of the refrigerator and he didn’t see me put it there anyway, I don’t think he can reach it he would have to climb up to…

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