The Good Son Research Paper

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Psychotic Behavior and Effects on Children
Review of literature indicates that Henry from the film The Good Son (1993) suffers from psychotic behaviors. Henry attempted to kill his cousin Mark, sister Connie, and his mother Susan. Carl Jung’s archetypes were apparent throughout the film. Henry was the Shadow the evil part that is usually locked away. Susan is the Great Mother the protector, the compassionate one, ands the one who does kind things. Wallace was the Spiritual Father he was the ruler, symbol of power, responsibility, and leadership. Wallace was never able to see the signs because he could not face the facts that maybe they is something wrong with Henry. If recognized earlier henry could have gotten help resulting in Henry still being alive.
1. What is Psychotic Behaviors in Children and Early Signs?;
2. What Childhood Event can Trigger Psychotic Behaviors in Children?; and
3. What Therapy or Medicines can Assist Children with Psychotic Behaviors?
What is Psychotic Behavior in Children and Early Signs?
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Psychotic behavior among children changes the way a child thinks, makes decisions, communicate with others, and behaves. A lot of time children with a psychotic disorder will have a hard time staying in touch with reality and can not perform the simplest task (The Kim Foundation, 2006-2014). Children show the same signs and symptoms of psychotic behavior as adults do (Paramjit T. Joshi, Kenneth E. Towbin, 2002). According to the University Of Arkansas Medical Sciences and Human Service department early signs of psychotic behavior are changes in behavior, social withdrawal, and loss of energy or motivation (Jody L. Brown, D. Alan Bagley, 2002).. Henry from the film The Good Son (1993) suffered from a psychotic disorder. Henry thought process and decision making skills were not normal as a result of his psychotic behavior Henry attempted to kill his cousin Mark, sister Connie, and his mother

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