The Human Resources Research Organization Essay

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“The Human Resources Research Organization, established by the Army in July 1951 focused on human factors research on training, training devices, motivation, and leadership” (Schrader, 2008). The organization goes hand and hand with behavioral health as the HR functions effect Soldiers mental well-being (Schrader, 2008). Soldiers with personal unresolved issues will be ineffective to the military. “HR support includes all activities and functions executed within the Army Personnel Life Cycle Model (Acquire, Develop, Distribute, Structure, Deploy, Compensate, Transition, and Sustain) to man the force and provide personnel support and services to Soldiers, their Families, DoD civilians, and contractors” (Headquarters Department of the Army, 2010). The support and services keep warriors strong and motivated for the fight. Personnel stock and adequacy is essential to the mission capabilities of the military. Sustainability of Soldiers helps the military grow leaders within the services. The development of Soldiers in the profession makes experts as it is customary to the armed forces. Human Resources (HR) in the profession of arms have become a very important role in the military. HR uses a variety of systems that support the military’s standard and tradition. Among the array of HR responsibilities is communication. HR communicates changes in the military down to the lowest level, ensuring all Soldiers carry out the guidance of the appointed officials. A HR…

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