Operations Process And Troop Leading Procedures

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The orders process and troop leading procedures are two ideals that are closely related in the realm of leadership. The troop leading procedures are an eight step process in which an individual utilizes to create definitive timelines, organized training modules and mission planning by visualizing, describing and directing. Its counter-part, the operations process’ central idea is described as “commanders, supported by their staffs, use the operations process to drive the conceptual and detailed planning necessary to understand, visualize, and describe their operational environment; make and articulate decisions; and direct, lead, and assess military operations (ADP 5-0.”) The relationship between the operations process and troop leading procedures is that one cannot be conducted with its full potential without the other. The operations process provides a template enabling the commander to effectively use their troop leading procedures through planning, preparing, and executing all while assessing with their staff. Throughout the course of this semester, I have …show more content…
The operations process drives the commanders use of troop leading procedures ensuring that they are “envisioning a desired future, and laying out effective ways of bringing about that future (ADP 5-0.”) It is the commander’s responsibility to drive the operations process and to ensure that his subordinates maintain a complete situational understanding. The operations process helps to build a template in which to use the troop leading procedures that also encourages “collaboration and dialogue (ADP 5-0.) from the soldiers he commands. It is the combination of these principles that enables an effective means of planning, preparing and ultimately, leading American soldiers as an

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