The Human Resource Management And Selection Process Essay

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The recruitment and selection process is by far one of the most important human resource processes. Due to its importance, there have been several attempts at the creation of effective, yet efficient selection processes. The human resource management functionality has undergone a series of changes; prior to 1981, selection relied heavily on centralized testing which allowed the process to be very straight forward. However, through the introduction of government mandated examinations, much like that of PACE and ACWA, there has been a push towards more decentralized approaches. This has resulted in individual agencies developing their their own selection processes. With this framework in mind, this essay will address the lack of regulations set forth by the federal law or federal courts in regards to the recruitment and selection of employees. Furthermore, the essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages associated with the various decentralized approaches. Finally, the essay will examine the methods most likely to result in the selection of the “best” employee over the long term.
Starting in 1883 with the Civil Service Reform Act (Pendleton Act), centralized recruitment models encompassed the implementation of competitive, job-related examinations. These examinations were used as the of central point of determining job qualifications. Human resource managers were the single point of entry for qualified applicants. After assessing staffing needs, the recruitment and…

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