Essay The Human Phenomenon & The Language Of Art And Architecture

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Reading Assignment #1
The Human Phenomenon & the language of Art and Architecture When I read this first chapter of my arts and culture book I realized how fascinating and important art is. Art is in everything we do whether we know it or not. It’s in every object we contain and building/structure we have ever seen. It’s also different in every culture and it a good way to communicate feelings, culture, and customs to others. An example of this I found when reading was on page 16. It was Tim Hawkinson’s Bear sculpture before I read the description I had a sense of emotion towards the sculpture right away. The sculpture took me to my childhood and my favorite bear I had. That is what art does for us. It connects to each and every one of us. Art has a way of connecting each and every one of us. Every art piece created can be seen and understood by every language. It’s the way someone sees and interprets art. While reading about architecture it was interesting to see the different creative designs that the Greeks, Romans, and many others used. Each design was important especially the materials that they used. They also made these structures to last. They used intricate designs and systems to make there structures stable (pg. 46-53). Architecture is and was important to each culture. Architecture is a cultures way of showing their culture and skills to others. It is another art form that can be seen by every culture and connect or inspire others. One page 43 it shows the…

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