The High School English Teacher Essay

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High School English Teacher Having good English teachers in high school is very important. Having someone to teach the knowledge of grammar, sentence structure, and written communications can be a valuable resource in finding jobs in the future. Teachers are also needed to help guide and be there for students when they need it. Becoming an English teacher requires an education, certain qualifications, and the skills of the English language. High school English teachers usually teach ninth grade and up (Career Cruising). They usually have six or seven classes a day with around fifteen to thirty-five students in each class, and educate between one hundred twenty to one hundred eighty students in a day (Moeller). “For each course, High School Teachers develop a course syllabus that outlines the topics to be taught within a quarter, semester, or year. In addition, they create daily lesson plans for each course, and prepare the lessons for each class” (Moeller). In a class period, high school teachers will take attendance, collect homework, review the previous day’s lesson, teach the new lesson, and help and guide students through work, tests, quizzes, and other tasks (Moeller). Lesson preparation includes studying a topic, gathering teaching materials, creating student materials, and setting up demonstrations and experiments (Moeller). Most teachers got a free period for preparing lessons (Moeller). Teachers may use films, slides, videos, and other audio visual forms of…

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