Importance Of English Language Essay

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The English language is spoken roughly by 1 to 1.5 billion people. English has managed to occupy powerful domains such as global education, technology, communication, etc … The English language is considered to be the international language due to the growth of global society. English plays an important role of our lives since it is widely spoken by many of the population in the world. Furthermore, it is also comes in different varieties as it is considered to be a native language in some parts of the world, a second language in others and a foreign language in many places of the world.

Five hundred years old ago only 5 to 8 million people spoke English, whereas now the language is spoken by 1 to 1.5 billion people. English has managed to
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Even though, English is one spoken language, however, it still distinguished between the native speakers, the foreign speakers and the ones who speak English as a second language. The inner circle refers to the countries like Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and USA, where English is considered to be the 'mother tongue ' thus spoken as a native language. This type of English is considered the most important, since other countries where English is not a first language looks after countries like these for a standardized version of English. The language displaced indigenous language after it colonized several of these countries, where white people gained power and took over the nation. English dominates the education, advertisements, government and entertainment domains. According to Kachru, in this circle around 380 millions speak the English language. The second circle which is called the outer circle refers to the countries where English is considered to be a second language. Unlike the inner circle, the language did not displace indigenous ones but managed to become a language of high status. English plays a dominated role in the education system and the governmental system. The role of the English is due to the historical background and colonization. According to Kachru , in this circle around 150 million to 300 million speaks the …show more content…
The expanding circle refers to those who speak English as a foreign language. They learn this language due to education such as reading English literatures or tourism so if they travel to a foreign country they could learn a language that many people around the world speak so they could get the most of their travel like having an easier way of experiencing the culture of the country they 're traveling to or booking hotel rooms and so on. The English language has no role in the government or many parts of the society. Since English does not have an official role in the countries UK, USA or other countries from the Inner Circle have a standardized English Version that is sought after from these countries. According to Kachru, in this circle 100 million to 1 billion speaks English. The circle includes many countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Egypt and most of

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