Should Immigrants Learn English

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Language is a fundamental aspect of everyday life. It is a key tool that conveys not only traditions and values but also allows people to communicate with each other on a daily basis. Without language, the world would cease to run as efficiently and effectively as it does today; instead, it would lead to mass confusion and lack of production. For example, the biblical story of the Tower of Babel is the quintessence of the rippling effects of language barriers. The workers were unable to complete the construction of the temple due to everyone not speaking the same language.

In America, there is no official language. Despite this fact, however, many states have declared English to be their official language. Although there is not an officially spoken language, it is safe to say that if there was it would be English. According to the 2016 American Community Survey, a project of the United States Census Bureau, the top language spoken at home by people over the age of 5 is English, with 237.8 million people.1 Because of this and the fact that English is a part of everyday life in our country, I believe all immigrants should be
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It is extremely difficult to live and sustain oneself without the ability to speak or read the local language. We are constantly using the language in conversations with others, in reading road signs and forms, and in basic tasks such as shopping at the grocery store. If it is difficult to only do simple tasks imagine how much more arduous it would be to complete even more important activities such as figuring out how to rent a home to live in or finding a suitable health insurance coverage. It could leave a person vulnerable and allow others to take advantage of a person because they do not fully comprehend the situation at hand. English is essential for basic survival, which eventually leads to flourishing and the ability to truly pursue one's

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