The High School Dropout Rate Essay example

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Over and Out: High School edition When people feel that there is no hope or chance to strive for what they want, they will give up. Teens in this generation today make decisions without thinking about how it effects their future. The high school dropout rate is higher than it has ever been now than it was 40 years ago (Rumberger 3). Students these days neglect to understand that the problem why they are getting distracted is teen pregnancies, and high school cliques, alongside with these two causes’ leads to dropping out with a long term struggle without a high school diploma to be successful. To reduce the high school dropout rate, schools can offer more activities and trades, and students should self-monitor themselves when it comes to their own academics.
Young teen pregnancies is a common reason that causes high school drop outs. Whether it be by “accident” or not, teens have unprotected sex which leads to a bun in the oven. Pregnancy is already a struggle itself. Pregnant teens taking on responsibility for another human life while still in high school is not impossible but will stress teenage girls to the maximum, which leaves them no other option but to drop out and forced to get a job to support their baby or family. At least 70% of teenage girls drop out because of pregnancy with the lack of financial aid to support their baby (Mangel). According to “Teen Pregnancy, Discrimination, and The Dropout Rate” girls who gave birth would return to school if they received…

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