The Importance Of Daycare In Schools

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Even though some may believe providing a daycare for teens may encourage irresponsible behavior, it may help keep teens girls from dropping out of school. Schools should provide a daycare on school grounds. People who are against schools providing a daycare argue that providing a daycare will encourage irresponsible behavior.
The people who are for schools providing a daycare argue that it will help keep teen girls from dropping out of school. Providing a daycare would not only help keep teen girls from dropping out of school but also offer support, classes, and opportunities a young teen mother may not get if a daycare program was not available. Providing a daycare would be make a humongous difference in some young mothers lives.
Schools should provide daycares at school. Mostly for students who have children, but the daycare could also be used for faculty, and staff children. It could also help with different programs in schools. For example, at Ste. Genevieve we have
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Teen girls do not just wake up and say i 'm going to get pregnant today while i 'm in high school. When a teen girl gets pregnant she is scared, she doesn’t know what to do, and she knows it will be hard. Being a little sexist, girls aren’t strong. They are very sensitive and things are are harder for them. Girls deal with self esteem issues, they are overly sensitive, they care too much, and it is very very easy for girls to fall into peer pressure. Being a teenage girl myself, teenage girls do everything they can to make people like them. They just want someone to love them and someone to be with. So when something like a pregnancy happens they are already going through enough. The last thing they need is for people to keep punishing them for doing something they already know wasn’t the best decision. What most schools want is to have as many in a class graduate as possible. One should want to help all their students graduate in any way they

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