Daycare Vs. In-Home Childcare

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Many parents struggle with the decision on what kind of childcare is best for their child, a day care center or in-home day care. There are many reasons why parents struggle with this decision. Both provide care for a child while parents are away, and both will have an extra expense that will have to come out of the family budget. Even though, day care center and in-home day care have some similarities these two types of childcare could not be more different from each other like: expense, trust, and exposure.
Both day care center and in-home day care has an extra expense. However, the average weekly cost of a day care center is $188 for one child. Whereas, in-home day care is $140 for one child. The difference in the expense between the two
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At a daycare center a child is exposed to a lot of things, this can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on what is being exposed. For an example, germs. Your child will be exposed to numerous germs while attending daycare at a daycare center, causing him or her to be sick often. This can be have a negative effect on the parent career, because a child is not allowed to attend daycare, at a daycare center if he or she is sick. This result in a parent having to miss work if no backup plan is available, causing a strain on a parent work performance. At in-home care, a child will be less exposed to germs resulting in the child not getting sick as often. Furthermore, if a child does happen to get sick they will be home where they feel more comfortable; care will be provided by his or her provider never having to leave the home and the parent will not have to miss any work. Certain exposure like germs happen in life, a child will be exposed to more germs while in daycare at a daycare center then in-home daycare a child.
There are differences and similarities between daycare center and in-home daycare. When deciding which is right for you and your child, sometimes it’s best to look at all of the considerations. Like cost, just because the cost is less, are you going to be able to find a provider at you can trust to be their all the time, and provide the best care for your child? And

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