Minimum School Work Should Be Required

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Have you ever gotten a low grade on an assignment for which you did all the requirements? That's what I'm against. I think that doing the minimum required by teachers should at least get an A-.

First, students could get stressed and frustrated at teachers if they take points off for their work when they did do the minimum work required. Students might worry about their other ungraded assignments that they’ve already completed and doubt that they did a good job. It adds stress to students. In a recent survey done by NYU, forty-nine% of students say they feel very stressed on a daily basis. Students expect that their teachers will give them at least an A- on an assignment for which they met all the requirements. If they get a grade lower than this they can feel like a teacher is targeting them.
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For example on my busiest day, Wednesday, I sometimes have to do writing assignments that are supposed to be at least four sentences long and I only write four sentences. This leaves more time for my other school work and my youth group. In a new national survey done by the U.S. Census Bureau it was discovered that fifty-seven% of students aged 6 to 17 have at least one extracurricular activity in which they participate. They only have enough time to do the minimum school work assigned so they can go to their activities. Their grades in other classes might go down if they do greater than the minimum amount of work required in one class because of their limited time. If students are too swamped with schoolwork they will need to do the

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