The High Quality Of Content Essay

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Does waiting until the last minute to embark on a writing project or assignment really ensure the highest quality of content in the finished product? When creating a written document that classmates or teachers are going to assess, most people are concerned with putting forth their best effort. Most people are adversely affected by the constant worry, lack of organization, and mental exhaustion that are the result of waiting to complete a written assignment. There are, however, a small percentage of people who thrive on the “adrenaline rush” that is caused by leaving a project until the last minute.
What makes some people procrastinate on assignments or projects when given a specific deadline to meet? A common reason for students to avoid starting the essential research and brainstorming on a written assignment is lack of interest in the given subject material. If a person finds a topic uninteresting, how can they possibly unlock their brain to analyze and compile data needed to support the focus of their paper? The lack of interest in a person’s topic can actually become an obstacle that hinders the creative thinking or research accumulation part of their assignment.
An inaccurate estimation of how long a given project or assignment will take is another crucial reason why so many people procrastinate. Many students overestimate the time remaining to complete an assignment. Others underestimate how long the hands on research and writing process will actually…

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