The High Performance Evaluation Standard Essay

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Metform recently changed its introductory performance evaluation standard. The introductory review occurs when a new employee is brought into the organization or transfer into a new position or department. After the employee has been with the organization for one-year the review shifts to annually, typically performed in February. The announcement of the change in procedure is included as Attachment Two. The new evaluation form included to this paper as Attachment Three. Under the new performance evaluation, reviews are conducted at the 90-day and 1-year. Evaluations are based on performance, supporting the merit-based system. If the employee receives a strong review, they are incline to receive a standard 3% raise. The company wants to recognize high performers to encourage quality and high production levels. Metform uses subjective performance measures for the majority of the review, but includes objective performance measures as well. The company logs all employees on their target quota and actual quota of production for each shift they work. This information can be later used in the productivity component of the evaluation. According to the evaluation structure, the supervisors are required to create some form of distribution when rating employees. However, this does not occur as often as Human Resources would prefer. This likely will be the next area of emphasis after the new evaluation is accepted by management and supervisors. Metform barely is categorized into the…

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