The Hazards Of Using Mobile Phones While Driving Essay

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The Hazards of Using Mobile Phone While Driving Traffic accidents have become major public health risks in the recent past because of their increase in the recent past. The United Arab Emirates has experienced a significant increase in the number of traffic accidents in the recent past to an extent that it has the eighth highest national rate of accidents across the globe. The increase in traffic accidents is attributed to various factors including the behaviors of drivers when driving. Drivers’ behaviors have been affected by various factors including the use of mobile phones while driving. The use of mobile phones while driving is linked to several hazards including the likelihood of traffic accidents since a mobile phone is a distraction that can result in accidents. Drivers should be required to stop using mobile phones while driving, in order to eliminate accidents caused by the use of mobile phone which is known by distracting driver 's focus, hence causes fatal and deadly crashes.
Why Mobile Phones are Hazardous while Driving As previously mentioned, mobile phones are hazardous while driving and can cause fatal and deadly crashes. The consideration of mobile phones as hazardous while driving is attributed to the fact that it is a distraction that affects a driver’s concentration while on the road. According to Solon (2011) using a mobile phone while driving is a distraction that has contributed to fatal and deadly traffic accidents. While the link between…

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