Essay on The Group Dynamics Within Our Group

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The Group dynamics within our group ‘Team Instinct’ varies from day to day. Depending on what type of mood we are all in, our group seems to take on different group roles or tasks without even realizing it. Some days our group can work very well with a plethora of us being initiators and coordinators, while the rest turn more towards being the recorders and instigators. The next day the roles and tasks could be flipped, and some of us could be doing the opposite job of which we did yesterday. This is one of the things that the group does well. We are all able to take on a certain role and, perpetuate to work towards the goal at hand. This term, though, we needed to better suit ourselves into the roles given and take responsibility for what that implies.

The way that my leadership style seems to be is that I attempt to bring out the strengths of everyone. So that the group as a whole can strive. But in my opinion, I did not complete my task as the team leader. But I was rather an authoritative figure that just told people what to do. I do not feel I completed my task as the leader, because of how much we had failed as a group. We did not, as a whole complete the assigned task. I take responsibility for our failure. Even though the effort to fail doesn 't come from one person.
What I did was endeavoring to collaborate with other members of the group to get the job done. By doing this I did not take into consideration as much as I should have, what the task at hand was.…

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