The Group Decision Making Meetings Essay

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While they’re participating in their group decision making meetings, Google makes certain that decisions are made based on data and not a gut reaction. In their book, How Google Works, Eric Schmidt and Johnathan Rosenberg explain why the company needed two projectors in their meeting rooms, “One of them is for video conferencing with other offices or for projecting meeting notes. The other is for data” (Schmidt & Rosenberg, 2014). Making their meeting all about the data helps them thoroughly analyze the issue and come to an informed decision. To avoid potential analysis paralysis, an individual is appointed as the owner of the decision. This person will set a time line and due date for the deliberations, and ultimately make the decision.
Google’s democratic process for decision making adds to their culture of inclusivity and openness. Employees that are empowered through this process have a greater sense of organizational commitment and job satisfaction. Those that weren’t a part of the decision making process can read the data points on their company’s intranet, Moma. Including essential employees in on these meetings and keeping the rest of them in the loop helps build a strong connection between the company and its employees. With a
stronger connection, employees have a greater awareness of what’s going on with the company and they tend to care about it more.
Leadership and Motivation
As I’ve hinted at in my description of Google’s decision making process, the leaders…

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