John Adair's Model Of Leadership Essay

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John Adair’s model of leadership
John Adair’s has developed a model which shows how a good team leader can lead in any type of team. He has carried out research into the leadership of teams. He separated the 3 teams of leadership into groups. (Task, Team & Individual) [pg. 379 John Bevan, Helen Coupland-Smith, Rob Dranfield, John Goymer, Catherine Richards 2010]
How to successfully achieve the task of a team
• Establish who is responsible.
• Adjust the plan if necessary.
• Report on progress to the team.
• Create a plan to achieve the task.
• Set the standards that need to be met.
Managing the team
• Agree and communicate expected performance standards to the team.
• Develop a teamwork approach.
• Give the team feedback on their performance.
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What 6 skills are needed by a team leader?

1. Team leaders should have good Communication Skills by, listening to others by having respect for each other, being able to be confidence and take control, be able to create new ideas, maintain eye contact with other in the team. They could support the team as well as feedback to keep the group right.
2. Team leaders should be aware of Time Management. They should be able to organise the group, be on time with schedules that need required. Team leaders should focus on sorting things like e.g. meetings and agenda’s.
3. Team leaders should always use Team Building Skills. As working in a team is about everyone working together, completing team activities, identify team member’s strengths and weakness, coming up with group decisions, needing the team leader to coordinate the group, making sure everyone has agreements on what the group has decided and for the team leader to sort any agreements out.
4. Problem Solving for team leaders is important as they have to know what the answers are, e.g. if any of the team members need hep they must be able to encounter problems on a daily

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