Essay about The Green Code And Self Involvement

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achieving such a balance challenging, and the second part of the Green Code will be able to lessen the challenge brought on by differing ego-involvement levels. It will ensure the development of long-term, highly ego-involved attitudes towards sustainable behavior through the strategic creation of ego-involvement when attitudes are first formulated, during childhood.
The key to maximizing the effect of attitude change in a large, cross-generational audience is developing ego-involvement in the audience a young age. During these stages of early development, children are more likely to have fewer strong attitudes and possess differing means of formulating opinions than most adults (Cherry). For instance, because children lack the cognitive abilities of adults to process logical argumentation, films directed towards children can use simple peripheral persuasion to inform them of environmental issues and promote eco-friendly behavior. It is possible to develop an initial attitude that increase ego-involvement in sustainability issues. In time, this ego-involvement can be manipulated to create strong positive attitudes towards the environment. Cultural critics are just now beginning to see the importance of media in creating change, and visually engaging films are the gateway for children to connect with nature, even when living miles away from the nearest forest or woodlands (Pike 12). They have found that films directed towards a young audience “have a profound impact at the…

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