Essay about The Great Players Of The American Basketball History

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In the basketball history there are many great players just like Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, William Russell Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and many Others. I am going to compare between two great players in the American basketball history which are Michael Jordan and LeBron James. I chose those two because I think these two are the most complete players.
From the data I complied from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet was created to display the data in organized fashion. I decided to use the top 10 best NBA categories ranging from points per game, rebounds, to assists per game and 3-point percentage. Since LeBron James and Michael Jordan start their professional NBA almost at the same age, so I decided to compare the first nine years.
The methods used to calculate the statistics were linear regression and binomial distribution. Linear Regression was used determine the relationship between LeBron James production and his salary. I used statistics to determine the probability of LeBron James making 8 field goals in a row. Also, I designed a C program to compare statistics of two players for as many categories desired. The program places a one-point weight on each category won and in the end determines who’s superior according to the statistics presented.
LeBron James is most certainly an NBA all-time great, but I found Michael Jordan to be superior statistically. By viewing the Excel spreadsheets and graphs I’ve provided you’ll notice that Jordan outweighs LeBron in…

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