Michael Jordan Biography

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Michael Jordan and his brand of Air Jordan produced by Nike generates one billion dollars in sales. Jordan is also active in charities; his clothing brand makes many donations. He holds NBA records, played two years in minor league baseball, and he also appeared in movies and video games. Known as “The Greatest Basketball Player Ever,” Michael Jordan is arguably the most successful American athlete.
Michael Jordan was born on February 17th, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York. When he was young his family moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. His parents taught him a lot; he learned how to sow, clean and work hard. He started playing sports at a very young age. Jordan loved sports but his sophomore year of high school he tried out for his basketball
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In the season of 1987-88 he won his first MVP Award. He played in the all-star game after receiving five point one million votes. After his fifth time playing in the all-star game he was voted All-Star Most Valuable Player. Jordan’s season of 1989-1990 was his year for breaking records. He led the league in scoring for the last four straight years. In 1990 he became the Bulls’ all-time point’s total leader. In this season he scored he career high of 69 points in a victory against Cleveland on March 28th. Jordan always said that “I’ve always believed that if you put in the work, the results will come” this really paid off for him and breaking all those records (Michael Jordan Biography).
In 1993 Jordan’s father was murdered by two men during a robbery. The death of his father led him to retire from the NBA in October. In just nine seasons with the Bulls, Jordan became the all-time leading scorer. After retiring from basketball Jordan decided to play minor league baseball for the Birmingham Barons. He played baseball for seventeen months and the realized that baseball was not for him. He did think that baseball gave a much relaxing break from basketball and helped him gain is love for basketball back (Michael Jordan
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When he came back to the NBA he played well but people realized that he was a bit rusty. The summer he was shooting the cartoon Space Jam; he made sure that every chance he had when he was shooting he was in the gym. He worked hard to regain his ability he had before he left the NBA. In the season of 1995-96 the Bulls had a record of 72-10; an NBA record of most wins in a season. During this season Jordan got his shooting rhythm back and earned his eighth scoring title. In the seasons of 1996-97 and 1998-99 the Bulls ended up making it to the playoffs and championships. Jordan led the team to victories and his sixth NBA finals MVP award (Michael Jordan Biography).
Jordan wasn’t only a NBA basketball player he was also a well-known business man. He had profitable endorsements for companies like Nike and Wheaties. He owned his own golf company, along with Michael Jordan cologne. Jordan’s cologne made $1.5 million in the first two months. In 1997 he was named the highest paid athlete with a $30 million dollar contract. He made the largest one year salary in sports history and made about $40 million a year from endorsement fees

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