Jackie Robinson Biography

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Jackie Robinson
How would you like to know about the first African America baseball player and his journey to the Major Leagues? I attended elementary school, went to high school, and played four sports at Pasadena Junior College and UCLA, played in the Negro Leagues, then was the first African American baseball player to play in the Major Leagues. I, Jackie Robinson, may have had a hard life, but I made it past the color barrier and I became the first African American baseball player, which led me to becoming a notable man in history.
I, Jackie Robinson was born on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia. I lived my first months in my mom and dad’s sharecroppers house. My dad left me at a very young age because he was sick of being a slave, I
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In 1941, I played for a semi-pro football team in Honolulu, the bears. While playing football I break my ankle again but recover and continue playing. I played running back, safety, and quarterback for the bears. On my way back on a boat from Honolulu to Pasadena, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and I was drafted into the military. I never saw combat because I didn’t move to the back of a segregated bus. I was discharged in 1944; in 1945 I signed a contract to play for the Kansas City Monarchs. I was payed about $400 a month and about $13 a game (7). Branch Rickey the Brooklyn Dodgers executive sends scout to watch Jackie Robinson. Clyde Sukeforth was the scout that was sent to watch me; he was one of the best scouts at the time. I hit .414 with Kansas City Monarchs in limited time with them (2). I got a call from Branch Rickey and had a meeting with him. The first question he asked he was “Do you have a girl?” (2). He ended up telling me to come and play for the Dodgers at Spring Training (2). Branch Rickey had to hold Spring Training in Havana, Cuba to avoid any racial judgements in Florida (5). I had to stay in a separate hotel than the other Dodger players. Rickey then told him that he would start the season with the Montreal Royals the Dodgers minor league baseball team in 1946. I would make my Major League Baseball debut in 1947 for the Brooklyn Dodgers. I make my debut on April 15 which is now Jackie …show more content…
leading the charge. I broke the color barrier in baseball by becoming the first African American baseball player. First I had a surprise meeting with Branch Rickey the Dodgers executive, he told me that he wanted me to break the color barrier, he told me that “I want a baseball player that has guts not to fight back!” (5) I then entered spring training with Dodgers; we had to do it in Cuba where there wouldn’t be as much fighting as here in the U.S. (4). I started career with Montreal Royals the Dodgers Minor League team for the 1946 season (2). My original contract sold recently for 36 million dollars (8). I now have a day where everyone in baseball celebrates me, Jackie Robinson (7). That day is April 15, April 15 represents the day that I debuted in 1947. This year in 2017 is the 70th anniversary of that day (6). All of the players and coaches in the Major Leagues wear my number 42, the only day of the year that people can where my number. All of the Major League teams have my number retired in their stadium so that no one can where it. On October 24, 1972 I passed away due to a heart attack. I had diabetes and had many injuries which shortened my playing career (1).
I, Jackie Robinson, may have had a hard life, but I made it past the color barrier and I became the African-American baseball player, which led me to becoming a notable man in history. I had a very tough childhood; I played four sports, was drafted into

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