The Great Gatsby Book And Movie Analysis

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The Great Gatsby is both a great book and film. Both the book and film share general similarities and distinct differences. Though the movie rushes significant concepts and elements from the book. Certain character traits in the movie were obviously different from the book. Daisy was one I noticed instantly. In the movie her personality lacks the spunk & openness that developed her character later in the book. Daisy’s personality in the book was more careless, indecisive, and nostalgic, but in the movie, she’s more of the helpless type. It does not suit her character. Jordan Baker was another character whose development was rushed. In the movie we learn about Jordan immediately. Her storyline is sped up and the relationship between her and Nick was practically scrapped due …show more content…
In the book Gatsby climbs onto a float, while his butler awaits Daisy’s call for him. Never getting her call, somehow knowing she would never be his. “No telephone message arrived…”, “Gatsby himself didn’t believe it would come, and perhaps he no longer cared.” (Fitzgerald p. 161) The movie version takes a much more spontaneous approach instead. Gatsby dives into the pool and as the phone rings, emerges. Wilson, in a fit of rage, shows up. He blames Gatsby for Daisy’s death and shoots Gatsby in the chest. In the heat moment, Gatsby recollects what it would have been like if Daisy had called back sooner. Thinking he finally got his dream girl, and that she was ready to finally leave Tom, it was only just Nick on the phone. To sum things up, in the book Gatsby died frightened & in the film he died a winner. The movie did manage to save some elements from the book. Like the blatant racism. When Tom was making his racist rant. Yapping on about the book, Rise of Colored Empires. Which was not surprising because of the setting of the book. I give the director [Luhrmann] props on the portrayal of the Roaring

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