The Great Game Of American Football Essay

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On October 22, 1939, the Philadelphia Eagles met with the Brooklyn Dodgers to play one another in the great game of American football (Allen). This game marked the start of something so big that nobody could have possibly predicted it. This game was the first football game to have ever been televised live. Just how many people across the United States tuned in to watch the very first televised football game that day? The number itself is quite depressing actually. Fewer than 500 people watched that football game on television that day. While this may not seem like a major event in American history, it was just enough to spark the beginning of the National Football League 's unquestionable supremacy, as America 's sport of choice today. Last year, Super Bowl 50, was viewed an astonishing 167 million people. As you can see, the NFL has come a long way since that first game in 1939 (Allen).
For years the NFL has been dominating the the television networks, and has accumulated a rather large fan base. Today, the NFL’s ratings are still high, but have been declining more and more each year. Since last year alone, Sunday night football ratings are down nearly 20%. This is a significant decrease in viewership, and if this trend were to continue then this could send a ripple through the stock market. There are many companies that rely on the NFL as their main source of advertisement, and they are willing to pay millions of dollars to make sure that their products get advertised.…

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