The Government Should Take Action Essay

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The government should take action to reduce gun violence in America by having stricter gun laws. Gun violence has gotten out of control throughout the years and something should to be done about it considering the thousands who have a gun-related death. Purchasing a gun isn’t difficult at all which is dangerous and potentially detrimental to others. Citizens of America should be able to protect themselves. However, we’ve seen repeatedly what happens when a gun gets into the hands of the wrong person. People who are angry, mentally ill, and are a threat to themselves and others have taken innocent lives because someone sold them a gun. If America had stricter gun laws, and background checks instead of hiding behind the Second Amendment, we could possibly prevent some of the tragedies that are bound to happen. Gun control is a term that may refer to a quantity of restrictions on guns in the United States. Gun restrictions can possibly include the type of firearm to be purchased or sold and what individual can take ownership and sell a firearm. Gun control can mean that the vender of the gun must account for who they sell a firearm to. Meaning the seller may be required by law to do a background check on the consumer and report the sale of a firearm to the government if it is necessary. The phrase “gun control” can also refer to the limits that are placed on different types of ammunition and magazines. A magazine is the compartment of a firearm that holds the bullets or…

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