Virginia Tech massacre

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  • Mass School Shootings: The Virginia Tech School Massacre

    “Since Sandy Hook there has been a school shooting, on average, every week. How on earth can live with ourselves if we do nothing.” Said Senator Chris Murphy. According to the statistics, there has at least one school shooting since 2013. However there was a tragic event happened before. For Instance, The Virginia Tech School massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007 on the campus of Virginia polytechnic institute. This deadliest shooting incident happened by a single gunman, which killed 32 people and wounded 17 others. Recently, Umpqua College, in Oregon the mass shooting killed 10 people and 7 more injured. Therefore, many students, professors and, college staff members have become scaring what is going on in the…

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  • Analysis Of Nikki Giovanni's Poem For Black Boys

    changes”. This quote presents Giovanni 's idea that life is full of constant obstacles and speed bumps. To get past these obstacles and speed bumps, Giovanni wants the individual to live in the moment and not wallow in the past. Life is full of mistakes you; You reminisce in them and learn not to do it again. Last, throughout the scope of Giovanni’s poetry is the ongoing theme for possibilities in the future. (Criticism 7). In her work “Alabama Poem”, Nikki Giovanni quotes “if trees would talk /…

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  • The Importance Of Concealed Carry

    doctors go sporadic, only mere moments to save a person’s life. A school shooter takes the life of multiple students and then attempts his own. All of this could have been solved if someone was there to prevent the shooter. although in a moments heat there is not going to be officers, sometimes a vigilantly must help others. Someone that could save a life are those who have a Concealed Carry license. Concealed Carry, is a law that was recently passed in Texas back in August. The law states that…

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  • Arguments Against Campus Carry

    effected is because they believe their safety is threatened leaving a hostile learning environment on campus . One notable faculty member ( President Ricardo Romo) has stated his similar viewpoint. He said that “Campus carry is a distraction from our mission of providing excellence to our students and our community.” So, I believe that the campus carry law will have negative effects on the learning environment on schools in Texas like the University of Texas at San Antonio. Senate Bill 11…

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  • Research Paper On Mass Shootings

    the day that it takes longer than a few hours to buy a weapon and make people go through safety courses I believe it would slow down our mass shooting rates. Slow the process down and really emphasize all the safety measures and hit the background checks really hard. Now to hit on a few specific mass-shooting incidences like Sandy Hook Elementary school, Virginia Tech University, Fort Hood military base and San Bernardino. In December 2012 Sandy Hook a 20-year-old man wearing combat gear and…

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  • Gun Control Plan Essay

    individuals committing mass shooting with firearms on different occasions each year. How would you define a mass murder or mass shooting? The indicated question may be something someone might ask according to Robert J. Morton from the FBI a mass murder is defined as an executioner killing four or more people happening during the same incident, at a single location with no certain time period in between the killings. (Morton, FBI) An example of a mass shooting in America is the Virginia Tech…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Virginia Tech School Shootings

    earth can live with ourselves if we do nothing?” said Senator Chris Murphy. According to the statistics, there has been at least one school shooting since 2013. Even before that year a tragic event happened. According to the New York Times, the Virginia Tech School massacre was a school shooting that took place on April 16, 2007 on the campus of Virginia polytechnic institute. This fatal murder shooting was perpetrated by a particular gunman, who killed 32 people and wounded 17 others.…

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  • How To Reduce Gun Violence In America

    In December of 2012, 20 first-graders and six adults were murdered in cold blood at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. If anyone can walk into an elementary school and murder innocent children then gun laws should definitely be stricter. The result of the massacre led to angry citizens and protesters all around. In January of 2013, a couple thousand people made their way to Connecticut’s statehouse for a public hearing. According to Barbara Mantel’s article, “Gun Control”…

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  • How To Prevent Gun Control Essay

    Since December of 1791 all US citizens have had the right to bear arms thanks to the 2nd amendment and ever since then people have argued that this right is too much for people to handle and that people will suffer drastically for this. Today in America we are seeing huge debates in all governments due to the tragedies of recent school shootings around America like Sandy Hook. So many were moved by what happened at Sandy Hook and tried to find ways to prevent this from ever happening again but…

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  • Essay On Gun Violence On Campus

    crimes. In the article “Fact Check: Do Concealed Weapons Lower Crime Rates?,” Mark Binker states that In North Carolina Crime has dropped nearly 30 percent due to concealed weapons in public places. With all these mass shooting one that has been very worrisome to me is the shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007. In the article “Virginia Tech Shooting Leaves 33 Dead,” Christine Hauser says that “Witnesses described scenes of mass chaos and unimaginable horror as some students were lined up against a…

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