The Goodyear Corporation And International Organization For Standardization

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The Goodyear Corporation has areas of opportunities that they need to focus on power consumption, which consists of energy, water, GHG emissions, sustainable sourcing, and sustainable packaging. So, let 's discuss these issues on how to improve Goodyear 's efficiency:
Energy. The company has a global data management system that tracks their energy and water usages so that they can continue to improve their accuracy, which will give them real-time energy data. In addition to this, seven of the Goodyear plants received the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 50001 certification. It helps with using the Lean Six Sigma information to improve energy efficiency by decreasing GHG emissions at local facilities. According to Goodyear Asian Pacific, "each participant developed a program to cut energy at their respective plants by 10% over the next three years along with a specific project list for the year" (Goodyear, 2016). It also helped them to verify baselines and implementation of a new global energy as well as a GHG strategy that led to participants spending 10% to 30% on energy and GHG initiatives. The techniques that the company is using to cut power consumption also resulted in them incorporating LED lights throughout the entire Asian-Pacific plants. A part of their five-year plan is to spread globally. As for Goodyear 's facility in Americana, Brazil they installed more efficient fan motors in their cooling towers, which cuts energy consumption by 13,500 m3…

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