Disadvantages And Disadvantages Of Standardization And Standardization In The Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality industry nowadays is growing globally. Hospitality is one of the most significant and challenging industries to work in because it offers career opportunities and a wide range of job besides endless variety of places to work in. Hospitality is the business which purpose on helping people to feel welcome and relaxed and to enjoy themselves. Most of the time we can observe and investigate in hospitality industry, there are normally categories their services into two type, those are in standardization or customization services. This essay will briefly explain on concept of standardization and customization. Definition of standardization “renders it close to impossible to obtain, as all the elements of the marketing mix must be identical” …show more content…
Firstly, we will found out the disadvantages of standardization. One of the disadvantages is loss of uniqueness of an organization. If a company builds up a customer base that values its unique niche products, or if the company serves a specialized market, standardizing its processes may mean it loses some of its former customers. Then, standardization may cause the loss of responsiveness among the employees. When a company expands into new markets, especially in foreign markets, standardization may work against the firm. It also consider about the employee concern. Standardization puts an emphasis on repetition and sameness. This means your employees are asked to perform consistent manufacturing, sales or service processes and tasks day after day. While some employees appreciate knowing their role each day, many people are motivated by the challenge of learning new things or doing different things each day. If employees become bored or lose interest in their work, their performance may stagnate or decline, which can hurt your business and increase turnover. We cannot predict is that standardization will cause us stifles creativities and response time. Standardization has the potential to get a business into a rut. Standards, once implemented, soon become the status quo and may become entrenched in the corporate culture, making them hard to change when change is

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