Who Is Epicor's Competitors?

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The following part of the chapter will be used in order to analyze few of the many competitors in this market. Even if the described once may seem to be the most competitive at the moment, this industry is really fast moving and one of the smallest player such as “NETSUIT”, “Concur” with Travel and Expensed, “Xero” or “Intacct” can come up with an innovation that can twist the hierarchy and put them in an higher spot of the competition.
Even if this will not be an element of further discussion, it is interesting to point out one of the peculiarity of this industry. Here, customers face a supply of products that is really standardized and similar between one another. Vendors in order to keep the market share needs to work more on the perception
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In the early stage of its life, the company were specialized in the production and distribution of accounting software and financial applications. Then, in the ’90, under the lead of the former CEO George Klaus, the company started a process of renewing becoming a developer of “enterprise solutions” and changing the company name in Epicor Software Corporation. In this process, they first acquired Clientele Software Inc. (customer oriented CRM solution, which main modules are support, sales, marketing and self-service) and merge with DataWorks Corporation. In 2001, the company sold Platinum for Windows (PFW) to Best Software (the United States branch of Sage Software) and the following year they acquired procurement and sourcing solutions from Clarus. A key step for the company was the acquisition of Scala Business Solutions, producer of an ERP solution aimed at the small and medium enterprises called iScala that boosted the company into the global expansion. Today Epicor has over 20,000 customers spread in 150 countries around the world, 3,900 employees and revenues of $0.9 billion. Their main solutions are: Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP); Human Capital Management (HCM); Financial Management; Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES); Supply Chain Management (SCM); Retail Software; Distribution Software; Lumber and Build Materials Software; Automotive Aftermarket

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