Transnational Retailer

The term transnational retailer is generally understood to mean all the activities involved in selling products and services to final international consumers for their personal consumption (Dicken, 2011). At the present time, the massive global economic growth and the change of the competitive market environment drive the retail foreign direct investment become one of the most important parts of the international economic activity in the world. This essay attempts to discuss the GDP and economic dynamic result financial crisis, also the government political such as capitalism, regulation and gendered economy phenomenal in society. Then explain how those factors determine the expansion and performance of the multinational retailers being success …show more content…
This change might determine the expansion and performance of transnational retailers. In general, Boyer (2013) indicate that the t Commission published a European Retail Action Plan (ERAP) to address barriers to the creation of a truly integrated single market in retail. Furthermore, Liberalising EU-US trade could benefit the transnational retailers on expansion, such as open new markets for products and brands, mutual recognition of product standards, and regulatory co-operation (Boyer, 2013). In addition, according to Becker and Jäger (2012) the varieties of capitalism approach leads us to expect differences in the institutional framework. This has been deployed to control individual power and this has also given greater scope for the realisation of mutual interests and the development of production and marketing strategies (Becker and Jäger, 2012). What is more, the revolution of capitalism leads the global structural changes, also will help global retailer to trade (Huselid, 1995). For instance, among these capitalism, such as trade liberalisation and the concomitant globalisation politic linked to the case of IKEA and Wal-Mart (French, 2006). Both of the retailer expanded by improve labour standards in supply chains after being targeted in activist campaigns, the degree to which these policies actually changed employees working environment, reflecting differences in the way these global retailers organise their subcontracting relationships and interact with supplier in numerous countries (French, 2006). Finally, the capitalism has resulted an economy problem of gendered (Bakker, 2007). Generally, in society compare with men and women, men are tend to be more performance in their job and decision making rather than women (Bakker, 2007). Normally, in retail industry in order to achieve the maximum performance retailer always give the promotion opportunity to men

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